Crop insurance safeguards you and your family against crop loss – whether from natural disasters such as drought or an unforeseen drop in the value of agricultural goods and services. Changing seasons, inclement weather and other unknowns are always in the forefront of every farmer and rancher’s planting season. Know you are protected before you put your first crop in the ground. Look to the specialists at Professional Insurance Providers for experienced knowledge in Minnesota crop insurance.


Crop Insurance Coverage Options & Terms

Crop Hail Insurance is coverage which provides financial protection against damage to crops as a result of hail, fire, lightning or certain other named perils.


Multi-Peril Crop Insurance is coverage that minimizes risk and helps protect farmers due to loss of production below a predetermined yield (known as the unit guarantee) calculated using the producer’s actual production history.


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Farm Property / Liability Insurance Options & Terms

Causes of Loss Forms (Basic, Broad & Special) are commercial property forms which define the causes of loss which are covered.


Endorsement is a document that changes the original policy coverage terms.


Fire Department Service Charge Coverage covers charges from the fire department for their services.


Limit of Liability is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay for a loss.


Mortgage Clause is a provision on a property insurance policy stating that payment for losses incurred on a mortgaged property is payable to the policy owner and to the named mortgagee in the policy.


Peril is a loss caused by fire, wind, collision, etc.


Premises the location being covered in the policy.


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